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Guided Implant Surgery Is Making Dentistry an Exact Science

Tooth loss can change the way you eat, how you speak, and even how you feel about yourself. Leaving missing teeth untreated can truly limit your life. 

But the dread of starting a long process and numerous dental visits to replace just one missing tooth can prevent even the most motivated from calling their dentist. 

After decades of refining dental implant technology and countless implant success stories, modern dentistry has significantly shortened your treatment time.

In just one day you can receive a single tooth, a bridge of teeth, or a full arch of new, attractive, and functional teeth supported by reliable dental implants! 

You can arrive with a gap in your smile and leave with not only the dental implants your health needs, but the smile your confidence needs, too. Better yet, we make your treatment affordable by offering competitive dental implant pricing, partnering with third-party financing companies, and filing both dental and medical insurance claims for your treatment whenever possible. 

Interested in experiencing teeth in a day in Denver, NC? We offer it right here at Avason Family Dentistry.

Choose Experience and Passion

Our implant dentistry team has years of specialized experience placing and restoring dental implants at our modern dental practice. Led by our experienced periodontist, Dr. Frank Avason, we have placed over 5,000 dental implants using precision surgical technology and provided custom-made provisionals and final restorations made from superior quality materials.

 Dr. Avason specializes in dental implants, including their surgical placement as well as bone grafting and tooth extractions, which may also be part of your same-day treatment. 

With this expertise and immediate provisionals crafted by our local dental lab, you won’t need to go anywhere else for treatment—or complete more than a few appointments at our practice! 

We are passionate about helping our patients restore their smiles, health, and quality of life with dental implants and look forward to helping you experience these life-changing benefits of new teeth in one day, too.

Our Immediate Dental Implant Options

Single Missing Tooth

We can replace a single missing tooth with the closest thing to natural teeth—a single dental implant.

The dental implant post functions as the tooth root, stimulating healthy bone growth, and offering reliable function.

Each implant is restored with a custom dental crown offering a seamless smile and natural-looking aesthetics. No one will know the difference!

Multiple Missing Teeth

Traditional dental bridges require you to weaken adjacent teeth to act as the foundation of your new bridge.

Instead, we leave healthy teeth untouched and use one or more dental implants to support a new bridge of teeth.

This is ideal for those with two or more missing teeth in a row.

Full Arch of Missing Teeth

Dentures aren’t the only way to restore your smile. You can replace one complete arch of teeth or a full mouth of teeth with full mouth dental implants.

Using four or more strategically placed dental implants, your new bridge of teeth will restore 99% function and a lasting boost to your confidence.

Our Formula for Success

Teeth in a day dental implants at our Denver, NC practice are only possible because our periodontist and implant dentist team has perfected an innovative protocol for same-day placement. 

Partnering with leading implant manufacturers and an established local dental lab, we offer “immediate load” dental implants specifically designed to maximize stability and support crowns and bridges right after they’ve been surgically placed. However, this technology does not stand alone. 

Step One: Custom Consultation
The first phase is to visit our practice and discuss your unique health, function, and aesthetic goals. We’ll examine advanced imaging and perform an exam to evaluate your current health.

Although many patients already qualify for teeth in a day solutions, you can often receive preparatory treatments like bone grafting in the same surgical visit to ensure your candidacy.
Step Two: Precise Planning
Before your next visit, our team will use CBCT imaging and digital impressions to plan the precise placement of your dental implant(s). Our goal is to maximize final function as well as your smile aesthetics. Each implant post must be placed at the precise location, angle, and depth in order to make same-day results possible.

Although a complex procedure, pre-planning makes the process simple for you and us on the day of your surgery. This planning can also develop a virtual smile preview for you. This allows you to see what your future smile will look like before treatment begins!
Step Three: Implant Placement
When you return for your surgery, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with sedation dentistry .

Our dentists are certified to offer IV sedation and will have an anesthesiologist present if you require general anesthesia. Then, we’ll harness our pre-planning and the power of nSequence® guided technology to strategically place your dental implant(s) into your jawbone.

If we were able to achieve proper stability and torque (as we frequently do), we’ll immediately load your new tooth or bridge of teeth so you can leave the same day with a complete smile!

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

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Benefits of Teeth in a Day Dental Implants

  • An immediate return to proper chewing and biting power
  • Predictable and highly precise treatment process
  • Simple and easy at-home oral hygiene care and maintenance
  • Strong, aesthetic teeth for confident smiles during healing
  • Long-lasting solution for life-changing results

Making Dental Implants Affordable

Along with lasting, life-changing advantages, dental implants also come with a higher initial cost than traditional alternatives. But as the closest thing to natural teeth, the higher cost of dental implants is immediately matched by the dramatic improvements to your self-esteem, oral health, and systemic health.

This boost in the quality of your life cannot be understated. We recognize these transformative effects which is why we do everything we can to make your dental implant treatment in our Denver, NC implant practice affordable.

We’ll file your insurance claim on your behalf and connect you with leading financing companies that can break your treatment cost down into manageable monthly payments.

Partnering with Dedicated Sleep Solutions, we will also submit a pre-authorization for medical insurance coverage of dental treatments, including dental implants and bone grafting. If your procedure is determined to be “medically directed surgery,” your medical insurance may cover a portion of your care!

We’ll make receiving dental implants from an experienced implant dentist in Denver, NC affordable. Don’t wait to find out how.

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