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Advanced Technology - Denver, NC

Comfortable Care, Predictable Results

A Better Patient Experience

Worried that your dental appointments may be uncomfortable or inefficient? At Avason Family Dentistry, our dentists have invested in numerous technologies to ensure this is never your experience with us! Our advanced dental technology in Denver, NC helps us provide services and treatments at a higher standard of care. You’ll experience comfortable, efficient appointments, precision diagnostics using intraoral scanners and CBCT imaging, and predictable treatments. You’ll even be able to see the results before beginning with our smile simulation technology. We invite you to experience the difference our modern practice and advanced dental technology make in your dental care!

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Benefiting from Technology

  • Safe dental treatment
  • Efficient appointments
  • Comfortable procedures
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Reduced infection risk
  • Faster, healthier recovery

Our Advanced Technologies

From a simple dental crown to complex full arch rehabilitation with dental implants, our advanced dental technology ensures you experience a more personalized and predictable treatment. Our patients love how comfortable their appointments are, especially when our technology is combined with calming sedation dentistry.

Intraoral Camera
See everything that our dentists see when they examine your mouth. Our intraoral camera captures life-like images of your teeth that reveal small cracks, inflammation, or cavities.
Intraoral Scanner
Receive more comfortable and precise digital impressions. Our intraoral scanner takes the place of messy goop impressions and ensures a more accurate fit of your new restoration.
Smile Simulation Technology
See a preview of your new smile before you begin treatment. These smile simulations help bring your vision to reality and assure your cosmetic dentistry treatment is predictable.
Tekscan® Digital Occlusal Analysis
Protect your teeth and restorations by ensuring proper occlusion. Our Tekscan device measures your bite force and occlusion for comfortable eating and jaw movement.
Advanced Healing Techniques
Recover faster and more efficiently from oral surgery. Plasma Rich Growth Factors and Plasma-Rich Fibrin, both derived from a sample of your blood, helps accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration.
Cone Beam CT Imaging
Receive high-resolution, low-radiation scans of your mouth. Our CBCT technology takes 3D images used to precisely plan surgical treatments for dental implants.
Soft Tissue Diode Laser
Treat periodontal issues with gentle laser technology. Our HOYA ConBio dental laser painlessly vaporizes problem gum tissues while minimizing discomfort, bleeding, and swelling during recovery.

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