Gentle, Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically emerge during adolescence, and can sometimes be problematic. If you do not have enough room for these molars, or if they are impacted, Dr. Frank Avason III can perform wisdom teeth removal at his Denver, NC, dental practice. When you visit Avason Family Dentistry, you will enjoy an easy and safe procedure. We offer a variety of sedation options and advanced technology to keep you comfortable. Most importantly, Dr. Avason uses gentle techniques, and has many years of experience in wisdom teeth removal. We will also provide guidance for your recovery.

We will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and take detailed x-rays and make recommendations for extraction only if it is truly necessary.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Overcrowding is the most common reason for wisdom tooth extraction. If your dental arches are too small to accommodate these molars, they can push your other teeth out of position. Without extraction, you could suffer from widespread and severe misalignment. We also recommend extraction if you have an impacted tooth. Impaction occurs when teeth cannot fully erupt, remaining trapped beneath your gums or jawbone tissue. This will create a pocket, which can trap bacteria and cause significant discomfort.

While wisdom tooth extraction is very common, we take a conservative and personalized approach. Dr. Avason will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and take detailed x-rays. He will recommend extraction only if he believes it is truly necessary.

What to Expect during Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

The details of your extraction surgery will depend on your particular needs, including the size of your teeth and whether or not they are impacted. In every case, Dr. Avason will take great care to ensure a precise and comfortable procedure is performed. Often, he will use our state-of-the-art cone beam scanner to evaluate your entire oral structure. This allows him to locate your dental nerves, reducing your risk for nerve damage and discomfort. On the day of your surgery, we will administer IV or oral sedation. We will discuss these options with you during your consultation, helping you select a sedation method that best suits your needs. Once you are relaxed, we will remove one, several, or all of your wisdom teeth. In simple cases, we will just need to loosen the tooth. Typically, Dr. Avason will lift the gums and gently rock the molars back and forth before lifting them out. If you have one or more impacted teeth, he may need to perform surgery to remove the tissue that is covering your molars. Occasionally, he will remove sections of the tooth, one piece at a time, to reduce discomfort and lessen the impact to your jaw. After removing the tooth, or teeth, we will place a piece of gauze over the extraction site, and it will remain in place for about one hour. In some cases, Dr. Avason may need to place dissolvable stitches, especially after a surgical removal.

Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Removal

Patients may experience swelling and discomfort for a few days to one week. Younger patients will typically make a faster recovery. During the initial healing period, you should consume only soft foods and avoid hot beverages, alcohol, and soda. You will need to be careful when brushing your teeth, and should avoid strenuous exercise. Non-prescription pain medication and ice packs can help minimize inflammation. You can usually return to work or school the day after your extraction, and can typically resume exercise within three to four days. Patients can gradually add solid foods back into their diet, but should continue to be careful when chewing. Dr. Avason and his team will be available to answer questions and provide further guidance for your recovery.

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