Patient Stories - Denver, Nc

Patient Stories

  • I No Longer Have to Worry About My Breaking Teeth after Receiving a Top and Bottom Full Arch
  • I Was Told I Couldn't Have Dental Implants - Dr. Avason Was Able to Successfully Give Me a Full Arch
  • My Outlook On Life Has Greatly Improved After Dental Implants
  • I'm Beaming Now That I Have My Permanently Fixed Dental Bridge
  • After My Upper Partial Denture I Now Love to Smile
  • My Full Arch Has Given Me the Confidence to Smile at My Customers
  • Dental Implants Relieved Me of My Worries About My Teeth
  • I Needed Stitches After Biting My Tongue and Dr. Avason Worked with Us After Hours for the Emergency

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