Medical Insurance Coverage - Denver. NC

Let Medical Insurance Pay for Your Dental Care

Coverage for Select Treatments and Appliances

If you need dental implants or appliances for sleep apnea or TMD, you may be able to use your medical insurance to pay for treatment! Our team at Avason Family Dentistry goes above and beyond for our patients to provide as many options as possible to pay for our dental services. We partner with Dedicated Sleep Solutions to get pre-authorization of medical insurance coverage for select surgical procedures and dental appliances. Procedures authorized as “medically directed surgery” can often be covered by medical insurance, helping you afford such treatments as dental implants and bone grafting. In many cases, sleep apnea appliances and occlusal splints can be covered fully through medical insurance as well, so you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket where dental insurance is lacking.

How Medical Insurance Can Help

We don’t guarantee that medical insurance will cover select dental treatments, but we will always do everything we can to make this possible. We provide this service for oral surgeries and dental appliances, with coverage depending on each patient’s annual deductible.

Dental Implants
In certain circumstances, we are able to bill bone grafting and dental implant procedures to medical insurance or Medicare as “medically directed surgery.” We will first submit a pre-authorization form through Dedicated Sleep Solutions, then take additional steps to determine if your medical insurance will cover these surgeries.
Sleep Apnea Appliances
We provide both sleep apnea oral appliances and home sleep studies. With a sleep study signed by a medical professional, we can submit a pre-authorization for these appliances and typically have medical insurance cover the entire cost.
Occlusal Guards
We can submit a pre-authorization to Dedicated Sleep Solutions for TMJ splint therapy with an occlusal guard. If deemed medically necessary for the patient, medical insurance will cover this appliance in full.

We’ll help you pay for dental care.

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