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The Power of Smile Design

A smile makeover, whether cosmetic or restorative, has one of the most profound effects on a patient’s life and confidence. Imagine how amazing your makeover could be if you could see a simulation of your smile first. Or “test ride” your new smile with wax try-ins before committing to treatment. Or getting your new smile digitally designed to perfection, with the confidence that the outcome will be exactly the same. Now, thanks to our amazing digital smile design in Denver, NC, you won’t have to imagine!

Our digital smile design process provides you with both a virtual and physical mock-up of your new smile whether you’re receiving porcelain veneers or dental implants. Incredibly customized, with a predictable outcome, your cosmetic or restorative treatment will provide you with a beautiful new smile—tailor-made just for you.

How Our Digital Smile Design Works

No more wondering how your treatment will turn out or if the smile you end up with is actually what you were envisioning. Our digital smile design process begins with smile imaging. Working closely with our partner dental lab, Smile-Vision®, we’ll take images of you smiling, which a skilled lab technician will use to create a digital representation of your treatment outcome. Whether you need porcelain veneers, a cosmetic makeover, or full mouth dental implants, you’ll be able to witness this smile simulation—and your smile transformation—before you start any treatment. We’ll make tweaks and modifications as necessary to perfect this design before requesting wax models.

These try-ins will let you test out your new smile in real life, letting you experience how new restorations will feel and look once treatment is complete. Smile-Vision will also provide us with templates we will use when preparing your teeth for their new restorations and when creating your temporaries. This entirely digital process ensures that even your temporaries fit perfectly on your teeth while your final restorations are being hand-crafted by the dental lab. Once these finals are ready, we’ll make the finishing touches before securing them to your teeth. Now you can enjoy your beautiful new smile for years to come!

The Amazing Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • See your virtual smile before treatment begins
  • Ensure your smile is exactly how you envisioned
  • Experience a “test drive” of your new smile
  • Have the most conservative amount of enamel removed
  • Wait for finals in comfortable, fitted temporaries
  • Receive a custom, gorgeous new smile!

See the outcomes of treatment first!

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