Don’t Let That Blank Space in Your Mouth Fool You

Dental Patient Covering Her Mouth

So, you had teeth extracted and/or are missing a few teeth? No big deal, right? Do not fool yourself! There are plenty of issues that come with missing teeth in Denver, NC. You lose the confidence in your smile, you can’t chew the foods you use to enjoy, and so much more. Beyond these though, […]

5 Reasons You Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Patient Missing A Tooth

If you are one of the 40 million Americans that has at least one missing tooth, it’s important that you know that it’s not just aesthetic challenges you face. Most dislike the way the mouth looks with missing teeth, but there may be other, larger health risks that come with not replacing your teeth.    […]

Full Mouth Reconstruction Steps

Lady After A Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Frank Avason has many ways of enhancing the health of your smile as well as its appearance. For major dental health problems, multiple procedures may be required. A skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist in the Denver and Charlotte, NC area, Dr. Frank Avason, can perform a full mouth reconstruction for dramatic dental health results. There […]

Composite Dental Fillings for Cavities

Composite Fillings

Bacteria thrive on starches and sugars that are in many of the foods and beverages people consume. As bacteria build up on the teeth, they begin to damage healthy tooth enamel. Decay can create small holes in the outer layer of tooth enamel, which are more commonly known as cavities. Dental fillings repair dental cavities […]