Choose Teeth Tomorrow™ as Your Fast, Effective Solution for Tooth Loss

W e are at the cutting-edge of restorative and implant dentistry and proudly offers Teeth Tomorrow™ at his Denver, NC, dental practice. With this unique type of restoration, you can enjoy a healthy bite and radiant smile in just 24 hours. Teeth Tomorrow™ are implant-supported bridges that attach to implant posts the day after your surgery. Made of ultramodern materials, they are remarkably durable and natural-looking. Additionally, like all types of dental implants, they can greatly improve your long-term oral health. When you visit Avason Family Dentistry, we will carefully plan your procedure to ensure lasting results and a safe, comfortable surgery.

     Teeth Tomorrow™ full mouth dental implants are made of Prettau® Zirconia and this material will not decay, discolor, or chip, but looks and feels like natural teeth. Patients with missing teeth can enjoy the convenience, durability and aesthetics of Teeth Tomorrow™
By: Avason Group

Teeth Tomorrow™ is a Full-Arch Restoration

Teeth Tomorrow™ are full-arch restorations and therefore, if you are struggling with major dental damage, this type of restoration may be right for you. However, all implant candidates should possess a certain amount of healthy jawbone tissue to support the posts. Fortunately, with Teeth Tomorrow™, you may qualify for these implants even if you have suffered jawbone recession. Preparatory bone grafts are not necessary, given the small amount of posts and strategic placement of Teeth Tomorrow™. Finally, to be eligible for Teeth Tomorrow™, you should be in good health. Conditions such as periodontal disease may affect your candidacy for treatment. You should talk to Dr. Avason if you suffer from a blood disorder, autoimmune disease, diabetes, or other chronic condition.

Teeth Tomorrow™ Working for You

Dr. Avason and his team will ensure your complete comfort during your implant surgery. We offer several types of sedation, and will also provide local anesthesia. To further guarantee your safety and comfort, Dr. Avason will carefully plan your procedure. Using our advanced technology, he will examine your oral structure, thus, determining the strongest areas for implant placement.

     You can receive an implant-supported restoration immediately after your surgery, allowing you to enjoy a strong, functional bite during your recovery.
By: Avason Group

Before providing Teeth Tomorrow™, Dr. Avason will first need to remove the damaged teeth. Then he will place the small dental implants, positioning six posts on the top dental arch and five on the bottom. He can replace a single dental arch or both simultaneously, depending on your needs. Next, he will take impressions of your mouth. A local lab will craft a temporary bridge, which Dr. Avason will place the very next day. This restoration will remain stable and secure during the two to four month healing process. Once you have healed, you will return to receive your final restoration made of state-of-art Prettau® Zirconia.

The Benefits of Teeth Tomorrow™

Innovative Teeth Tomorrow™ have quickly made a name for themselves among restorative dentists. Their advantages include:

The Convenience: You can receive an implant-supported restoration immediately after your surgery, allowing you to enjoy a strong, functional bite during your recovery. In contrast, with traditional implant-supported dentures, you would have to wear a removable prosthetic during the healing period.

Reliability: Prettau® Zirconia is more durable than acrylic. This advanced porcelain will not crack, chip, or wear down over time. In addition, even if one of your implant posts fails or is damaged, you will still have a stable base for your denture. Therefore, you are less likely to need a second surgery.

Enhanced aesthetics: Prettau® Zirconia is very natural-looking. It offers a sparkle and translucence that is nearly identical to original teeth.

The Improvement of oral health: Similar to all dental implants, the posts that support Teeth Tomorrow™ will prevent jawbone recession. They serve as a replacement to dental roots, sending the same regenerative signals that stimulate tissue growth. As a result, you can enjoy a stronger jawbone and improved facial proportions.

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