Full Mouth Reconstruction Steps

Lady After A Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Frank Avason has many ways of enhancing the health of your smile as well as its appearance. For major dental health problems, multiple procedures may be required. A skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist in the Denver and Charlotte, NC area, Dr. Frank Avason, can perform a full mouth reconstruction for dramatic dental health results.

There are different steps when performing a full mouth reconstruction. Going step by step means dentists are able to perform an effective treatment that helps improve the health of the patient’s smile. Let’s go over the steps of the full mouth reconstruction process below.

How Full Mouth Reconstructions Work

A full mouth reconstruction refers to a combination of procedures that are focused on the restoration of dental health and wellness. These procedures can treat root canal infections, tooth decay, tooth fractures, gum disease, TMJ disorders, and other dental wellness issues.

The Initial Consultation

When performing a full mouth reconstruction, the first step is always the initial consultation. During this first visit, a dentist will assess the various issues that a patient is facing. X-rays and other diagnostics can be run to determine what problems are present and what potential problems could be on the horizon.

Treatment Planning Is Crucial

Using the information from the initial consultation, a dentist can then develop a treatment plan. This means figuring out the right treatments to address each problem. For tooth loss, the use of a dental bridge or dentures may be ideal. For tooth decay, various kinds of restorations are usually the right option.

Determining the Right Order of Treatments

The order of treatments is essential. Dentists will want to address the most immediate dental health concerns first. Treating a root canal infection may be the first priority given the dangers of an infected tooth. Treating gum recession may not be as high a priority as other matters.

The order of treatments can be discussed during the consultation process. We can go over the risks and benefits of each procedure, and also help you understand the timing of treatment and why it matters.

Seeing the Plan Through to Its Conclusion

As the full mouth reconstruction moves forward, dentists will see each treatment through to its conclusion. They can make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed if a patient’s dental health changes or if new issues arise. Rest assured that we will help you have a healthy smile again.

The Results of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The results of a full mouth reconstruction can be dramatic. Patients are able to bite, chew, smile, and speak with renewed confidence. Missing teeth are replaced, fractured or decayed teeth are restored, and the gumline can be rebuilt. Most importantly, any pain or tooth sensitivity associated with a dental health problem is eliminated, meaning good dental health and comfort.

Learn More About Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you live in the greater Charlotte area and would like more information about full mouth reconstruction, be sure to contact our skilled cosmetic and restorative dentists, Dr. Frank AvasonDr. Alyssa Wolff, and Dr. Mason Pirtle. You can reach Avason Family Dentistry by phone in our office in Denver, NC at (704) 820-9797 or contact us online!

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