Dr. Frank Avason III offers tips on avoiding common causes of dental implant failure, such as periodontal disease and peri-implantitis.

Frank Avason, DMD Sep 07, 2019

Dr. Frank Avason III prepares patients for how often they should expect to schedule appointments while undergoing Invisalign® treatment.

Frank Avason, DMD Aug 21, 2019

Six Months Smiles® offers an accelerated orthodontic treatment for qualifying candidates. During treatment, there are certain foods that you will want to avoid.

Frank Avason, DMD Aug 05, 2019

Teeth Tomorrow™ recovery takes some time, but you will have a temporary bridge or denture ready within 24 hours of having your dental implants placed.

Frank Avason, DMD Jul 21, 2019

Teeth Tomorrow™ anchors a full Prettau® Zirconia denture with dental implants. It’s ideal for people who are missing all of their teeth.

Frank Avason, DMD Jul 05, 2019

Dr. Frank Avason III discusses how frequently patients can expect to schedule Invisalign appointments throughout their treatment timeline.

Frank Avason, DMD Jun 21, 2019

Many patients with missing teeth ask if Medicare Part B can be used to cover dental implant surgery. Our dentistry team answers these questions.

Frank Avason, DMD Jun 05, 2019

Different factors affect the cost of Teeth Tomorrow™. Our team discusses the price of a full denture anchored in place with dental implants.

Frank Avason, DMD May 21, 2019

Dr. Frank Avason III teaches patients how to clean their Invisalign aligners so they can preserve the health of their teeth and gums throughout treatment.

Frank Avason, DMD May 05, 2019

Six Month Smiles® can deliver dramatic cosmetic results in a fraction of the time required by braces. Dr. Frank Avason offers these tips for adjusting…

Frank Avason, DMD Apr 21, 2019

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