Can I Use Medicare Part B for Dental Implant Surgery?

By Frank Avason, DMD on June 05, 2019

Full lower arch denture supported by dental implantsUnited States Citizens age 65 and older are eligible for coverage under Medicare Part B. The benefits cover medically necessary procedures to address health conditions. Examples of covered expenses include ambulance services, preventative care, certain kinds of medical equipment, and mental health services.

But will Medicare Part B cover my dental procedure?

We get that question a fair amount at Avason Family Dentistry, particularly when it comes to dental implants, artificial tooth roots that support crowns, bridges, and dentures. Denver, NC dentist Frank Avason III, DMD would like to answer these questions about Medicare Part B and dental implants, and discuss some related matters as well.

Medicare and Dental Procedures

Unfortunately, Medicare Part B offers limited coverage for dental procedures. Normal checkups with the dentist, fillings, cleanings, and tooth extractions are not covered under Medicare Part B.

Do Dental Implants Count as Medically Necessary Procedures?

Unfortunately, dental implants are not considered a medically necessary dental procedure. While dental implants will significantly improve the health of a patient’s mouth, they are usually not the only treatment option available for tooth loss.

This means that if you do want to get dental implants, you will most likely have to pay for the majority of the treatment out-of-pocket, even if you have dental coverage from your work.

What Types of Oral Surgeries Are Covered?

As we mentioned in a previous blog post about oral surgery and Medicare Part B, the oral surgery a person undergoes would have to be considered a medically necessary procedure. Examples of this include:

  • Surgical repair of a fractured jaw of other facial features
  • Splints or wiring required as part of a jaw surgery
  • Removal of growths related to oral cancers
  • Jaw reconstruction surgery associated with removal of an oral/facial tumor

In each of these cases, you’ll notice that the surgery is required to address facial fractures or to remove cancerous growths.

Payment Options for Dental Implants

If you do still want to get dental implants despite the lack of Medicare Part B coverage, there are numerous options to consider to reduce costs or cover some of the treatment. If you have dental insurance, be sure to check with your insurance provider about any potential coverage.

Our practice offers sensible payment plans and financing options for people undergoing major dental procedures. They can help make dental care affordable when it once seemed out of reach.

Dental Implant Alternatives

If the cost of dental implants is too much for you and your household, there are many alternatives to consider. Traditional bridges and dentures may be most ideal for you and your needs, and they are much more affordable than implant-supported appliances.

During a consultation at our Denver dental care center, we can go over the cost of dental implants as well as the cost of your many other options for tooth loss treatment. Our goal will be to help you pick the procedure that fits in your budget.

Learn More About Dental Implants

For more information about dental implants and other options for treating tooth loss, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist. You can reach Avason Family Dentistry by phone at (704) 820-9797.

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