Factors that Affect Teeth Tomorrow Costs

By Frank Avason, DMD on May 21, 2019

Teeth Tomorrow denture with dental implantsIf you are missing many teeth, Dr. Frank Avason III can help improve your dental health. The team at our Denver, NC may suggest removable dentures or Teeth Tomorrow™, a solution to anchor a full denture using multiple dental implants. Numerous patients have benefited from Teeth Tomorrow, which offers a fully functional set of false teeth in just 24 hours.

Patients interested in Teeth Tomorrow often ask us how much the treatment costs. It can have a varying range depending on the patient. The team here at Avason Family Dentistry would like to consider various factors that impact the cost of Teeth Tomorrow.

Why Teeth Tomorrow Costs Can Vary

The needs of each patient must be considered individually. Some patients may require more extensive dental work than others, and this additional work affects the overall cost of dental treatment.

Given these realities, the cost of Teeth Tomorrow can vary from patient to patient. That’s why the individual consultation is so crucial in dental procedures. It gives us a chance to assess the needs of the patient and act accordingly.

The Number of Dental Implants Needed

Teeth Tomorrow can support a full denture by using multiple dental implants positions along the dental arch. The exact number of dental implants can vary. Usually six implant posts are required for the upper dental arch and five implant posts are needed for the lower dental arch. The number affects the total cost of care.

The Location of the Dental Practice

Location makes a difference in so many aspects of life. Certain goods and services may be more expensive in large cities than they would be in places with a smaller population. That applies to dental care services as well. In a place like Denver, NC, Teeth Tomorrow is usually going to be more affordable than in the heart of Charlotte.

The Expertise of the Dentist

Experience matters to patients. Dentists who have a strong track record of good results and excellent patient care tend to charge more for dental services than less experienced dentists. While these dentist fees are not the sole mark of quality care, patient can expect to get what they pay for with regard to restorative dental work.

The Complexity of the Work That Must Be Done

Some patients may have a more complicated treatment plan when it comes to Teeth Tomorrow. Prior procedures may need to be performed so the patient is eligible for Teeth Tomorrow. This need for additional procedures might lead to a higher overall cost leading into Teeth Tomorrow treatment.

Discussing Price and Payment Options

If the cost of Teeth Tomorrow is a concern, we can go over these matters in much greater detail during a consultation at our Denver dental practice. We will be able to offer an estimate of the price of treatment as well as a cost breakdown.

If the cost of Teeth Tomorrow is prohibitively expensive, we can discuss financing options with you, or go over more affordable alternative treatments. Our goal is to help you make the right decision for your dental health needs.

Learn More About Teeth Tomorrow

For more information about Teeth Tomorrow and whether or not it’s an ideal treatment option for your needs, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist. The team at Avason Family Dentistry can be reach by phone at (704) 820-9797.

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