Utilizing Medicare Part B for Oral Surgery Benefits

By Frank Avason, DMD on March 21, 2019

Dental x-ray of a person's mouthDental treatments can put a financial strain on many households simply given the kind of work involved and the quality care that is provided. There are different ways of reducing costs or having the cost of dental procedures covered in part or in full. That’s where the Denver, NC team at Avason Family Dentistry can help. We will always work with patients to ensure they are paying a reasonable amount for their dental health services, and that they know all of their options for payment and coverage.

With this in mind, Dr. Frank Avason III and our dental care team would like to consider Medicare Part B and its role in dental coverage. We want to specifically focus on oral surgery needs, as these kinds of dental procedures can be costly.

What Medicare Part B Covers: An Overview

Medicare Part B is available to United States citizens ages 65 and older. It is intended to cover medically necessary services that address a health condition you have. This may include elements of preventative care treatment, ambulances, durable medical equipment, mental health services, and so forth.

Given the numerous general health and dental health problems people face later in life, Medicare Part B can be extremely helpful at reducing out-of-pocket costs for much needed treatments.

Limitations on Dental Care Procedures

Unfortunately, Medicare Part B has a number of limitations when it comes to dental procedure coverage. Medicare Part B will not cover routine dental checkups, cleanings, or tooth extractions.

If a dental procedure is medically necessary or will improve general health, it may be covered by Medicare Part B. This is where numerous disputes have arisen.

Medically Necessary Oral Surgery

Given that Medicare Part B is focused on medically necessary procedures, it can be used to cover select oral surgery services. Some examples of covered oral surgeries may include:

  • Surgical repair of a fractured jaw or other facial features
  • Removal of growths related to oral cancers
  • Jaw reconstruction surgery associated with removal of an oral/facial tumor
  • Splints or wiring required as a result of jaw surgery

Is Dental Implant Placement Covered?

Unfortunately, implant dentistry is not usually covered by Medicare Part B since it is not medically necessary. Traditional partial and full dentures are not covered by Medicare either.

For patients interested in getting dental implants or other treatments for tooth loss, our team can provide detailed information about payment plans and financing options during a consultation.

Out-of-Pocket Cost for Oral Surgery

Even if Medicare Part B covers your oral surgery, you will still have some out-of-pocket costs you need to pay for on your own. There is a $185 deductible for Medicare Part B that must be paid before benefits kick in. When the deductible is met, Medicare Part B will cover 80 percent of the total cost of the health service.

Since oral surgery can be expensive, our team can discuss payment plans for the remaining 20 percent of your out-of-pocket cost if you require financial assistance.

Learn More About Your Dental Care Options

For more information about Medicare and your dental health needs, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist. The team at Avason Family Dentistry is here to help answer your questions and address your concerns. You can reach our office by phone at (704) 820-9797.

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