Six Month Smiles® Benefits

By Frank Avason, DMD on July 12, 2018

Zoomed-in photo of girl in bracesCrowded, gapped, or crooked teeth can leave your smile looking lackluster. Adult patients that wish to straighten their teeth quickly can take advantage of Six Month Smiles® at our Denver, NC dental practice.

This orthodontic treatment focuses on the social six, the six front teeth that are visible when you smile. Today, our team at Avason Family Dentistry will explore Six Month Smiles benefits and discuss how this orthodontic treatment can deliver a beautiful smile at an accelerated rate.

A Brief Overview of Six Month Smiles®

Functionally, Six Month Smiles works similarly to traditional braces. This system gradually moves the teeth into more appropriate positions using brackets, bands, and wires.

While conventional orthodontics focuses on the entire dentition, Six Month Smiles focuses only on the front teeth. This allows you to complete treatment faster, typically in about six months’ time.

During treatment, patients will visit the office approximately every three weeks so that the doctor can assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is not for everyone. However, qualifying patients can enjoy the many benefits of this revolutionary treatment. We will explore some of the most significant benefits in the sections below.

Faster Treatment

As the name suggests, straightening your teeth with Six Month Smiles takes about six months. However, because each patient is unique, treatment timelines can vary based on individual needs. During a consultation at our practice, Dr. Frank Avason can give you a general idea of how long your treatment case would take.

Aesthetically Pleasing

While Six Month Smiles braces are not invisible, they are much less noticeable than their traditional counterparts. The brackets that are attached to the teeth are fabricated from clear materials, and the arch wire is frosted to blend in with the natural shade of your smile.


Many patients are concerned that treatment with Six Month Smiles will be uncomfortable since the timeline is accelerated. However, this system uses innovative self-ligating wires, which actively reduce friction and discomfort. In addition, the braces themselves are sleek and are crafted from lightweight materials.

Lower Treatment Costs

The fees for orthodontics can range depending on the type of appliance used and the length of time that treatment takes. Because Six Month Smiles can straighten the teeth in less than half the time as traditional braces, the overall costs are significantly lower.

Noticeable Results

In order to hasten the treatment timeline, Six Month Smiles targets the smile zone. As a result, patients who choose this option can enjoy the most optimal aesthetics once treatment is complete.

Are There Disadvantages to Six Month Smiles?

While Six Month Smiles can address a number of cosmetic concerns, this system simply is not right for everyone. For example, if you have more severe or complex malocclusion issues, then you may be better suited for traditional orthodontics.

During your initial consultation at our practice, Dr. Avason will discuss your treatment options with you in detail so you can choose the most appropriate option for your situation.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you are looking to straighten your teeth, but you do not want to spend two years in braces, consider what Six Month Smiles can do for you. Contact us online or give us a call at (704) 820-9797.

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